Scratch Projects

Inspired by the NY Times Spelling Bee, I challenged myself to create a Scratch version of this game.
Rules: Words must be at least 4 letters long, and must contain the yellow center letter. Letters do not have to be adjacent to each other, and duplicating letter is allowed. I created the background hexagons with Google Drawings and Inkscape. In Scratch, I created a “dictionary” based on English word list from:
I also created letter frequencies based the following sources:

I got a great suggestion from Nirmala Sankaran, Co-Founder, HeyMath, to include the total possible words for a given board. This required iterating over the dictionary and checking if each word is valid for each board, given the game rules.
You can find the original code here:

In an effort to explain Binary Search, I created a simple “I guess your number” game:

I wrote a Scratch controller that works with Makey Makey to automatically time a Pinewood Derby race.  After successfully connecting the circuits with Makey Makey, this software can time a 2-car race: