My name is Avi Megiddo, and I am a math and design teacher, and curriculum developer based in Taiwan.

I hold a bachelor’s degree in Cognitive Science from U.C. Berkeley, and a master’s degree in Education from Purdue University, where I majored in Curriculum & Instruction with a concentration in Learning Design and Technology. I’m also a Google-certified Educator and instructional designer with a passion for creative methods.

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MATCHSTICK Math Puzzles.pptx

I believe learning should be fun and memorable. We all possess our unique set of talents and skills, including musical, spatial, aesthetic, linguistic, analytic, mathematical, kinesthetic, social-emotional, leadership, organization, planning, and more. Educators should differentiate their instructional approaches and learning environments to cater to all kinds of learners. 

Othello / Reversi in Google Slides

Othello and Reversi by Avi Megiddo.pptx

During my free time, I enjoy swimming, hiking, and designing stuff; mostly in Google Slides these days. Please have a look at some of my projects and papersFeel free to contact me at megiddo at gmail dot com.

Below is a wordcloud I made using https://www.wordclouds.com/

I fed it a large text file of my academic writing, after cleaning it up using regular expression matching.  Can you find my first name? Can you find my last name?




Tangrams in Google Slides

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  • To play, you will need to edit this file, and you can make a copy by clicking
    ‘File’ –> ‘Make a copy’
  • Click the ‘Shift’ key while rotating pieces to snap to common angles.
  • Implementing Tangrams in Google Slides makes a lot of sense for online/blended learning. It builds multimedia literacy skills, visuospatial skills, and a deeper understanding of how Google Sheets work.
  • This material is suitable for primary mathematics, PYP Design, and MYP Design
  • Creating the Tangrams set from scratch in Google Drawings is a good high-ceiling activity, and a way to teach unit conversion, proportions, aspect ratio, and more.

Base Ten Blocks in Google Slides

Base Ten Blocks in Google Slides: Counting, Adding, Multiplying, and Place Value. Math ages 5 – 9.
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24 Game in Google Slides

24 Game in Google Slides:
Practice basic arithmetic, PEMDAS, build creativity
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Google Anonymous Animal Tokens

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Google Anonymous Animal Tokens

Interactive Matchstick Math Puzzles in Google Slides

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MATCHSTICK Math Puzzles.pptx



Checkers in Google Slides

Checkers in Google Slides



Othello™ / Reversi boardgame in Google Slides

Othello / Reversi in Google Slides




Design Thinking Challenge:
Create a font for the numbers 0 through 9 in Google Slides

Design Thinking Challenge: Make your own font for the numbers 0 through 9




Number (Cuisenaire) Rods:
Counting, adding and measuring in Google Slides

Number (Cuisenaire) Rods in Google Slides

Number (Cuisenaire) Rods by Avi Megiddo.pptx



Connect Four in Google Slides: Play & Create your Own

CONNECT FOUR by Avi Megiddo





Pre-Assessment for Differentiation

Activity 1_ Pre-Assessment for Differentiation.pdf

Assessing Project Based Learning

Activity 1: Assessing Project Based Learning

Data-based Modifications of Formative Assessment

Avi's Activity 3_ Blog Post_ Data-based Modifications of Formative Assessments.pdf