Inspired by the NY Times Spelling Bee, I challenged myself to create a Scratch version of this game.
Rules: Words must be at least 4 letters long, and must contain the yellow center letter. Letters do not have to be adjacent to each other, and duplicating letter is allowed. I created the background hexagons with Google Drawings and Inkscape. In Scratch, I created a “dictionary” based on English word list from:
I also created letter frequencies based the following sources:

I got a great suggestion from Nirmala Sankaran, Co-Founder of HeyMath, to include the total possible words for a given board. This required iterating over the dictionary and checking if each word is valid for each board, given the game rules.
You can find the original code here:

Tangrams in Google Slides

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  • To play, you will need to edit this file, and you can make a copy by clicking
    ‘File’ –> ‘Make a copy’
  • Click the ‘Shift’ key while rotating pieces to snap to common angles.
  • Implementing Tangrams in Google Slides makes a lot of sense for online/blended learning. It builds multimedia literacy skills, visuospatial skills, and a deeper understanding of how Google Sheets work.
  • This material is suitable for primary mathematics, PYP Design, and MYP Design
  • Creating the Tangrams set from scratch in Google Drawings is a good high-ceiling activity, and a way to teach unit conversion, proportions, aspect ratio, and more.

Base Ten Blocks in Google Slides

Base Ten Blocks in Google Slides: Counting, Adding, Multiplying, and Place Value. Math ages 5 – 9.
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24 Game in Google Slides

24 Game in Google Slides:
Practice basic arithmetic, PEMDAS, build creativity
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Google Anonymous Animal Tokens

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Google Anonymous Animal Tokens

Interactive Matchstick Math Puzzles in Google Slides

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MATCHSTICK Math Puzzles.pptx



Checkers in Google Slides

Checkers in Google Slides



Othello™ / Reversi boardgame in Google Slides

Othello / Reversi in Google Slides




Design Thinking Challenge:
Create a font for the numbers 0 through 9 in Google Slides

Design Thinking Challenge: Make your own font for the numbers 0 through 9




Number (Cuisenaire) Rods:
Counting, adding and measuring in Google Slides

Number (Cuisenaire) Rods in Google Slides

Number (Cuisenaire) Rods by Avi Megiddo.pptx



Connect Four in Google Slides: Play & Create your Own

CONNECT FOUR by Avi Megiddo





Pre-Assessment for Differentiation

Activity 1_ Pre-Assessment for Differentiation.pdf

Assessing Project Based Learning

Activity 1: Assessing Project Based Learning

Data-based Modifications of Formative Assessment

Avi's Activity 3_ Blog Post_ Data-based Modifications of Formative Assessments.pdf