English Park

I used a combination of technologies to create my module.  I used PowerPoint to create my main menu, pages, and navigation buttons.  I used the H5P WordPress Plugin to create my activities and assessments.  H5P is an open-source project, and all my interaction was created with it.  iSpring Converter Pro  is a commercial product which I used both to embed my H5P iFrames, and to convert my ppt to HTML5.  I used Bitmoji to create my help character images.  I used a Google Chrome add-on called Loom to do my screen recordings for the submodule onramp videos and how-to help videos.  I recorded the audio simultaneously with a digital voice recorder, and edited it with open source software called Audacity.  I cropped and combined the screen recordings and audio using Camtasia.  Finally, I used Amazon Cloudfront to host my module.









Read my whitepaper below: