Avi Megiddo
Teaching, Coaching, Curriculum Design, Tech Integration

As a licensed teacher with a master's degree in education and over 15 years of teaching experience, I create student-centered transdisciplinary lessons. I design instructional multimedia to be engaging and fun, with a focus on deep comprehension and retention.  I specialize in creative methods and learner-centered cloud-based collaborative projects.  I use detailed positive reinforcement, metacognition, responsive classroom, and other best practices to manage  classrooms from kindergarten to university. I have developed curriculum, taught, and coached kindergarten through university students in subjects including mathematics, ESL/EAL, test preparation (SAT, GRE, TOEIC, IELTS and others), Google resources, and Korean language.

TEACH-NOW Graduate School of Education
Licenses & Endorsements: Secondary Math, Middle School Math, Middle School Generalist, Elementary Education, Early Childhood Education

TEACH-NOW Graduate School of Education, 
1701 K St NW, Suite 250,Washington, DC 20006

M.S.Ed., Purdue University
Curriculum & Instruction, Learning Design & Technology

Master of Science in Education – Department of Curriculum & Instruction, 4.0
College of Education, Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN 47907, USA

University of California, Berkeley
Cognitive Science

Bachelor of Arts in Cognitive Science
College of Letters & Science, University of California, Berkeley, CA 94720, USA

Work Experience
Baker & Bloom Education Center
April 2019 - Present
STEM Curriculum Developer, Multimedia Literacy Coordinator, Teacher and Academic Coach
  • Collaborate on primary STEM projects with partner schools and organizations:
    • Media Literacy week-long course for secondary students at Our Lady of the Rosary College, incorporating Common Sense Media and self-created content including technology integrations such as a daily Google Form Surveys, cloud collaboration, co-teaching, and role-play
    • Sustainability and the Environment week-long course for 5th and 6th-grade students at Diocesan Boys’ School, teaching how to reduce energy and plastic use, and food waste, including meeting with a parent volunteer group to discuss the scope, roles, and responsibilities, creating editable online Google Sheets for students to tally their consumption, and see automatically generated charts and graphs, facilitating student groups to analyze their data, come up with interesting observations, and think of creative solutions to reduce their use
    • Brave Pioneers week-long summer course for grades 1-2 about the science of animal observation, including authoring the module and lesson plans, curating content, interfacing with Ocean Park staff to discuss the schedule, roles, and responsibilities, and communicating with parents and chaperoning class through Ocean Park, Hong Kong

  • Created and taught a 'Cooking up a STEAM' week-long summer course for grades 1 - 4, including food science, from farm to table, nutrition, experiments with bacteria, food safety, food preparation best practice, and hands-on cooking

  • Developed and taught  'Create Your Own Podcast' week-long course for grades 5 - 9, including branding, writing, desk, computer and camera setup, recording audio/video, audio/video editing and publishing using software such as Audacity, Camtasia, Loom, Google Hangouts on Air

  • Ongoing STEM curriculum development for grades K - 6:
    • Modular, interdisciplinary, with technology integration and assessments
    • Lessons involving Mathematics, Coding, Design Thinking and Science

  • Coding:  weekly Scratch and Visual Programming class for students ages 5-9

  • Exam Coaching: ISEE, SSAT, SAT

  • Gifted Math Coaching: Mathematics contest preparation
Lead Teacher, Multimedia Developer, Adviser
Aug. 2018 - April 2019
Eternal Sea International Kindergarten, Nanjing, China
  • teach K1, K2, and K3 classes (ages 3 - 7)
  • differentiate instruction to meet learning differences and styles
  • create and implement lessons and assessments that promote critical thinking
  • model and mentor students to meet the IB learner profile 
  • improve and enrich inquiry-based learning environments with technology and multimedia
  • collaborate with Chinese co-teachers to facilitate IB PYP and Montessori education in a bilingual environment
  • author teacher-parent reports and create individualized education programs
  • collaborate on IB PYP curriculum planning and assessment
  • interface with principal and management team regarding school logistics
K-12 Teacher: Mathematics, Computers (ICT), Geography, Metacognition
Aug. 2017 - July 2018
Embassy International School, Krakow, Poland
  • conducted a needs analysis based on school resources and pre-assessments of students 
  • designed, developed, and taught secondary geography, middle school (KS3 & GCSE) mathematics, metacognition, and Early Years computer classes (ICT)
  • used the ADDIE instructional design model to institute a school-wide metacognition program using blended learning 
  • created cloud-based collaborative projects for middle school mathematics using Google Classrooms, Google Drive, Google Forms, Google Docs, and other resources
Assistant Professor
한성대학교 Hansung University, Seoul, South Korea
  • led engaging English communication, Business English, and English through Music classes for university students of various majors
  • authored, facilitated and evaluated student role-plays to reinforced learned language structures
  • helped hundreds of students improve TOEIC Speaking and other English language exam scores to help them gain employment
  • prepared students for interviews in English to help them gain employment
  • developed unique approaches to increasing student confidence with written and spoken English through the study of syllable and stress patterns, rhythms, and hip-hop lyrics writing with polysyllabic rhyme
Full-time Lecturer
한성대학교 Hansung University, Seoul, South Korea
Elementary & Middle School ESL Instructor & Coach
청담어학원 CDI - Chungdahm Learning Institute
  • implemented Chungdahm's well-researched, rigorous methodology and world-renown curriculum with high student retention
  • prepared students to successfully use English in both academic and real-world environments
  • taught dozens of classes, and hundreds of students at all levels
  • received high student evaluations
  • administered mock iBT exams 
High School Mathematics Teacher
2004 - 2006
SFUSD Burton High School & Woodside International School, San Francisco, CA
  • created custom curriculum for students of varying abilities and disabilities
  • taught courses including Calculus to mixed native speaker/ELL classes
  • knew students as individuals and motivate each in their own way
  • designed, developed, implemented and evaluated project-based and relevant 
High School Mathematics Teacher
Mid-Peninsula High School, Menlo Park, CA, USA
  • taught geometry and SAT preparation classes
  • piloted courses with original lesson plans to meet curriculum standards
  • gained familiarity with various learning differences including ELLs, ADD/ADHD, Asperger's Syndrome and gifted learners
  • designed and implemented multimedia-based lessons plans with iCarts 
Independent Contractor
July 2001 - October 2001
LeapFrog Enterprises, Emeryville, CA
  • worked with LeapFrog producers, developers and third party publishers developing Leap Pad product content from initiation to completion
  • shepherded products through development process, including design, schedules, budgets, production, editorial, approvals, and testing
  • was accountable for meeting schedules, budgets and product standards 
Junior Software Developer
2000 - 2001
nSeconds, Oakland, CA, USA
  • developed key components of the nSeconds Enterprise Wireless Server, a servlet-based, XML-backboned Java application
  • enabled users to access their desktop hard drive remotely via browser, PDA, or web-enabled phone.
  • wrote servlets, parsing and producing XML, XSL and JDBC.
  • learned and incorporated 3rd party APIs.
  • designed database table schema architecture
  • designed and implemented indexing and searching engines for document retrieval
SAT Instructor
1996 - 2002
The Princeton Review Berkeley, CA, USA
  • taught dozens of SAT math and verbal courses in the Bay Area using The Princeton Review's preparation methods and manuals.
  • maintained above-average track record of student score improvement


H5P HTML5 Interactions
2017 - present
HTML5 Interactive Educational Content Creator

I use a combination of technologies, including the  H5P WordPress Plugin to create educational interactions and interactive educational mini-worlds

Activities for  Preschool & Kindergarten

Activities for Years 1 and 2

English Park - An educational mini-world for Early Years and Lower Primary

Activities to improve business emails

Korean Vocabulary Mnemonic Pictures
2011 - present
Creator, Artist and Project Manager

This is my Korean Words Facebook page with mnemonic sketches of Korean words.  It is educational art, or edutainment.  I aim to help Korean language learners expand their vocabulary, and  well as  amuse native speakers: 

I am in the process of migrating the art to my page .

2007 - 2008
Founder, Project Manager & Content Developer

My colleague designed an online edutainment console called FunPrep with a suite of educational games, a virtual mentor character and earnable songs, videos, games, and animated gifs


SAT Vocabulary Mnemonic Cards
Creator and Project Manager

In an effort to help high school students learn and retain SAT vocabulary, I researched SAT words and categorized them into abstract groups according to gist, opposites, and parts of speech.  I then worked with a designer to create mnemonic flashcards.


Software Skills

Articulate Storyline • Audacity • Blackboard • Camtasia • Canva  Google Resources - GSuite, Google Classrooms, Google Drive, Docs, Forms, Drawings, Hangouts on Air • H5P • HTML5 • iSpring Converter Pro • Microsoft Office Suite • PowToon • Prezi • Scratch  Video editing • VoiceThread • WordPress   


bicycles and biking, hiking, swimming, basketball, jazz, product design, origami, languages, poetry, hip-hop